Taking The Dive Into WordPress

For a long time I looked at different software packages for managing blogs. I tested an install of Movable Type for awhile, but I wasn’t real happy with the idea of having the site rebuild. In the end I never really found a package that worked the way I wanted it to. So I started writing something simple to get things going. That was the old It was enough to get the ball rolling, but I found that I never spent much time improving it, so many of the features that the cool kids take for granted where missing from my blog.

Speed ahead to the end of April 2004 (present day). I finally broke down and realized that it wasn’t likely that I would get around to improving my home brew blog software in the way that I had hoped. WordPress releases a 1.2 Beta and the two worlds collided. I even got over the fact that WordPress only works with MySQL :-). To go along with the new blog software I decided to move my site to a slightly different url. Thus was born I’ve customized the template for the pages a little bit and enabled “nice/clean/good/etc” permalinks for the entries.

The next step is to create a new error page on my old blog that redirects all readers of any/all of the entries there to my new blog. That also means that I should import all of the old blog entries into the new blog. That might take some time, but it will happen, eventually. In the mean time I’m going to post one last entry on the old blog to point to the new one.