New Site Design

If you’ve ever been here before you’ll probably quickly realize that I’ve redesigned the site. I finally took some time over a few weeks to put together my own layout. I borrowed the feel of the layout from Russell Beattie. I’m not done yet, but it seems to be functional, so I figured it was better to get it up an live than to wait for it be complete/perfect.

I’m making more use of WordPress‘s page feature and several plugins to get the features that I wanted. Here’s a list of the plugins I’m using (so far):

  • WP-GateKeeper to prevent comment spam. This is a plugin that I was already using, but it is worth another mention.
  • Jerome’s Keywords Plugin: This plugin manages tags for WP posts. This seems to be one of the best tag plugins for WP, it certainly has a lot of documention.
  • WordPress PHP Exec Plugin: The pages feature in WP is nice, but I needed to be able to run code from within a page, this plugin has worked well for that so far.

In the short term I need to get some sort search functionality going again. Perhaps I’ll just stick with using Google for that. I’m hoping that tagging my posts will be more useful than using the categories support in WP.