The Google Chrome browser changes at a fairly rapid rate. Knowing what is coming up next and when isn’t always easy. There are a few places that I look at from time to time to get an idea of what is happening.

First up is the “Chromium Development Calendar and Release Info” site. Specifically the “Estimated Stable Dates”.

This is great if the main thing you are looking for is the “when” of Chrome releases. For example, Chrome 76 is supposed to get the “stable” release today, 30 July 2019.

Next is the “Chrome Platform Status, Release Timeline” page.

If you want to find about the “what” is changing in the next Chrome release, this is an excellent resource. It has a list of changes, with links to more information about each one. Under Chrome 76, I’m looking forward to change #21- “Lazily load iframes and images via ‘loading’ attribute“, under “Blink > Loader”.

These things aren’t set is stone, I’ve seen things shift around. If you are watching a specific feature, like I am with image lazy loading, you’ll want to check in on it regularly.