Links: May 2019 – View history for various Google products.

Google MyAccount Purchases – Shows the purchases that Google has discovered by scanning your Gmail account. I haven’t found a way to turn this off yet ( grrr! ). – Quick reference list for which JavaScript array operations mutate and which ones don’t. – Browser based version of old school Minecraft.

3rd Party Web – Third party JS is not free!

The sweetest WebPageTest script – Easy way to test requests only from the site domain. – Search for H1B visa salaries.

PerfCascade – Display HAR files as a waterfall. – Web based Minesweeper clone, be sure to turn animations off or it will have your laptop fans going at full speed.

Chrome and Cookies – Google is taking some steps to change how cookies work on the web.

httpstat – Show curl timing details with color and style.

QUIC at Facebook – Presentation covering issues that Facebook has seen with deploying QUIC.

mvfst – A QUIC implementation from Facebook.