Living In Utah

We are officially living in Utah now. We managed to get everything unloaded from our two PODS, with some help of course, and have been unpacking like crazy.

For the most part things have gone reasonably smooth. That said, I don’t want to move again for a very long time, or ever. It was an amazing amount of work to empty out a house after living in it for 8 years. You never know how much stuff you have until you have to pack it all and move it almost 700 miles.

I’m also trying to scope out the tech scene here. The new house is in Sandy so I’m mostly looking at groups in the Salt Lake City area, but Provo is only about 30 minutes to the south so I’d may look for groups there as well. If you have any suggestions on tech oriented groups/meetings/conferences/etc in the Salt Lake City/Provo region let me know.

Anyone know of an equivalent to Fry’s in the area? While there were two Fry’s stores in the Sacramento region, there none in Utah.