Ack, My PowerBook Has Been Hit!

I was standing up in my cube this morning when one of the book shelves that hangs on the cube wall came down. Right on to my 15″ PowerBook! I hadn’t even had it 6 months, how could it be assaulted so brutally at such a young age! I thought for sure that the flat panel was going to be destroyed, but it turned out to be fine. Unfortunately the right side (where the network jack is) got banged up pretty good. The network jack works, I still need to test the s-video out and DVI ports though. Perhaps this afternoon would be a good time to go visit the Apple store in Arden Fair mall to see what the Apple people think.

Update: Ug. Looks like I spoke too soon about my notebook being ok. The lid no longer shuts correctly, it has also started making noises that it didn’t make before. I wonder what Apple will charge to repair something like this.

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