Cache Hits in Web Browsers

I’m looking for an easy way to tell if a web browser downloaded a web page element (image, CSS, JavaScript, etc.), or if it got a positive cache hit and pulled it from there. Does anyone know of plugin for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera that will do this?

Here’s an example of what I’d like to do. Flush the browser cache, load a page. There should be zero cache hits on the first page load because I just flushed it all. Then load the page again, after which I’d get a list of object in the page that were pulled from cache and those that weren’t.

Any change Firebug 1.0 will have this feature?

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I just purchased a plugin for IE to do this. It’s pricey but it does work very well.

It also works with ajax requests which is what I primarily use it for along with checking if my JS includes are coming from cache or not since getting that working right on IE is a pain.

In firebug you can check if elements is cached in the Net tab. The color of the bar indicates if the element is cached or not – dark gray = not cached, light gray = from cache. You can also check the content-length in the response header.

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