Water Leak

Well, there goes the weekend. Our home in Sandy, Utah that we just moved into last month has a serious water leak in the basement some where. The carpet in the basement is soaking wet in two different rooms.

Have I ever mentioned how fun home ownership can be? 🙂

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Had this same problem two months ago. Here’s what we did —

Pull the carpet back. Just grab a corner with pliers and pull. Keep pulling until you find dry pad. Expect to go quite a ways — it wicks through the pad like crazy.

Rip out the wet pad. Throw it away.

Go buy a bunch of five gallon buckets. You can get them for $3 each at Home Depot.

Turn the buckets upside down on the concrete, then drag the carpet back over them. This “tents” the carpet and gets it off the floor.

Get every fan you can find, and shoot air under the carpet. Leave it like this for three or four days. About day two, it will start to smell really musty. But it gets better.

Peel some baseboard back and see if it’s wet back there. Ours wasn’t but you have to be worried about mold if you find water.

Get a carpet installer in, have him put down new pad and tack the carpet back down.

Have the carpets professionally cleaned.

It took us about three weeks from start to finished to get back to normal.

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