WordPress 2.7 Released – XML-RPC and AtomPub Changes

Today brings the official release of WordPress 2.7. I love what Michael Pick has been doing with the videos for the new WordPress releases:

There’s lots of information about the new UI and features in the announcement. Here’s what’s changed for XML-RPC when you compare the 2.6 branch to the new 2.7 code:

  • New method: wp.getTags (ticket 7744)
  • New comments API methods (ticket 7446):
  • Site ID fix for wp.getUsersBlogs (ticket 8255)
  • New optional argument for wp.getPages – 4th parameter is now the maximum number of pages to return, which defaults to 10.
  • metaWeblog.getPost now returns enclosure information (ticket 7772)
  • Correct metaWeblog.getCategories to provide the actual comment description field (ticket 8494)

And the changes for AtomPub:

  • Specify a status code of 401 when requiring authentication (ticket 7361)
  • Work around for setups that do not basic HTTP basic authentication headers, like Apache when using PHP as a CGI (ticket 7361)

The new comments API methods are already getting some use. The next version of the WordPress iPhone App makes use of them for comment moderation. I also recently came across a WordPress comment moderation web app, which gives you way to manage WP comments outside of WP. Here’s a video demo.

If you have an interest in XML-RPC or AtomPub development in WordPress please join the wp-xmlrpc email list.


  1. Thanks as always, Joseph, for your hard work in keeping the API interfaces spruced up!

  2. Happy to do it, I really enjoy the API work. I even started documenting the new comment functions in the Codex!

  3. I use Windows Live Writer to update my wordpress blog. Today I upgraded to WordPress 2.7 (I think it looks great) but when I went to post from windows live writer it returned an error. After messing with it I found out the item causing the trouble was the picture in the post. With the picture it would give me an error when I tried to publish a post, without the picture no problem it went through fine.

    Is there anything I can do so that Windows live writer can post pictures?

  4. If Windows Live Writer is trying to upload the picture then that’s probably where the error is coming from. Make sure that the wp-content directory is writable by your web server. The WordPress support forums is good place for help as well: http://wordpress.org/support/.

  5. I have not been able to post to 2.7 using Windows Live Writer since I upgraded. I’ve experienced similar issues as Patrick, however, at times I’ve been able to upload one image within a post, multiple images but no text in a post, and text only posts. So based on my experience, there is definitely a problem using WLW with WP 2.7.

    So far, the WordPress forum and the Windows Live Writer group have been unresponsive. Any help would be greatly appreciated, since I have multiple posts waiting to be uploaded. Thanks.

  6. Do you have errors in your web server logs or any other details to hint at what’s happening? I need some details to track down potential problems.

  7. I got same problem when upgraded to WP 2.7. I am unable to publish or even update setting in WL Writer (both Wave 3 and the latest refresh build). This issue not occured with my other blog using WP 2.6.5, which still work just fine. So, there is no problem with host or WL Writer itself but WP2.7.

    Here is shot of issue I got:

    If you can fix it I would thank in advance becuase Writer is only way I used to write post (I dont like to write thing in browser).

  8. check out daniel dura’s comment modirator air app:


    it allows you to moderate comments from your desktop…

  9. Hard to tell exactly what’s going on without seeing the raw XML that was returned. One way to help narrow this down is to try another one of the blog clients to see if it has the same problems. If so then it probably isn’t a WLW specific issue.

    Also check out the WLW support forums and see if there’s anyone else has come across this.

  10. Nice. It seems that being able to moderate comments outside of wp-admin is becoming quite popular. Hopefully he’ll update the app soon to use the native WP 2.7 comment API.

  11. @Joseph Scott

    As my previouse post, different version of WP (2.6 & 2.7)on the same host with same version of WLW give cue that it WP2.7 specific issue.

    The symptom is when publish a post or update blog setting in WLW, first it got error dialogue (screenshot in above link). After that it asking for username and password, then the same error repeat (the filled username and password is correct). It’s seems there is something wrong with loging in process.

  12. I have not been able to reproduce this problem, so far all of my tests with WP 2.7 and WLW have worked fine. Are you able to capture the exact XML being sent using something like Fiddler? We need to have a way to reliably reproduce the problem in order to find a solution.

  13. It’s pity that I am not developer, not familiar to the tool. I have tried Fiddler but I don’t know what data we need. When try to publish/update setting in WLW, Fiddler give “HTTP Protocal violation Fiddler has detected a protocal violation in session#143 Content-Length mismatch: Response Header claimed 640 bytes, but server sent 643 bytes. ”

    If you want any details please help specify, or if you want to try finding by youself on my blog please contact me vai email. I think maybe better that people with knowlegde like you take close look on it.

  14. Since I upgraded to 2.7 (from 2.6), my posts through XMLRPC are replacing some characters with entities and essentially mangling my posts. This happens with both my own PHP script that posts through the interface using cURL and with Windows Live Writer… any ideas?

  15. It also looks like the tags are getting stripped, so I Get posts that look like:

    pTesting. Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain./p

  16. Did you upgrade anything else at the same time as WordPress? I believe that the new versions of libxml2 have introduces bugs that may cause problems.

  17. I’m facing the same problem as Chris L above. The tags are stripped when uploading and it is a real pain fixing the same.

    WLW is one of the best desktop publishing apps out there and it is irritating that WordPress 2.7 broke it.

    2.6.5 works perfectly with WLW.

  18. I am here again.
    After spend lot of time I found some suggestin at this site:

    In my case it caused by plug-in. After checking plugin one-by-one I found Custom Smilies 1.2 causing this issue. Just disable it WLW will work well as before but sadily no emoticon at all.

  19. to add:
    Just update Custom Smilies 1.2 to 2.6 also work fine.

  20. Ah, I should have suggested disabling plugins earlier in trying to track down the problem. Thanks for following up on that.

  21. I’m new to wordpress and i’m running on 2.7.I’ve got the weirdest thing that when i make changes to the settings/writing page, specifically to enable xml-rpc, and click “save changes” I get the following message:

    You don’t have permission to access /wp-admin/options.php on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
    Apache/1.3.41 Server at worship.bergtee.co.za Port 80

    Please Help! Thanks, Louw

  22. That’s an odd error, make sure that your WordPress install is not missing any files. Also go through the regular debug checks, disable all of your plugins and see if the problem still happens. Switch to the default WordPress theme and see if it still happens. Either of those (plugins and themes) could cause problems, so best to rule them out quickly.

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