WordPress 2.8 – XML-RPC and AtomPub Changes

Here’s what has changed in WordPress XML-RPC and AtomPub APIs from 2.7.1 to the new WordPress 2.8 release:


  • Fixed wp.getUsersBlogs and blogger.getUsersBlogs to return the correct value for the ‘xmlrpc’ field when WordPress is installed in separate directory ( ticket #9516 )
  • Authentication is filterable now, allowing for alternative authentication methods like OAuth ( ticket #8941 and #8938 )
  • Provide sticky status of posts via ‘sticky’ field in metaWeblog.newPost / metaWeblog.editPost / metaWeblog.getPost ( ticket #8777 )
  • Don’t duplicate post enclosures ( ticket #7773 )


  • Always use filterable authentication, allowing for alternative authentication methods like OAuth ( ticket #9320 and #8938 )
  • Update image captions (summary) correctly ( ticket #9148 )
  • Hooks for extending AtomPub ( ticket #8827 )
  • Fix file upload updates and image processing when uploading an image ( ticket #9233 )
  • Provide the correct edit URL for images ( ticket #9147 )

A big thank you to everyone who submitted tickets and patches. With 2.8 out the door now is the time to bring up new features for WordPress 2.9. If you’ve got a patch for a new feature, even better! Go submit a ticket at

If you are using the WordPress XML-RPC/AtomPub APIs in your software or service, or are just interested in this part of WordPress, please join the WordPress XML-RPC email list.

4 replies on “WordPress 2.8 – XML-RPC and AtomPub Changes”

Joseph, have you seen issues in 2.8 were XMLRPC is adding an extra line at the top of the returns? It is causing issues for me on one of my sites and I see it in RSS output as well as the RSD output and any XMLRPC.php call.

If you are seeing an extra line at the top of things I’d suspect your theme (or perhaps a plugin) that has an extra new line some where. If your theme has a functions.php file make sure that it isn’t doing any direct output, including a new line character.

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