Michael Joseph Scott – Born 29 July 2009

Michael Joseph Scott
Michael Joseph Scott

At 2:40pm on Wednesday 29 July 2009 our third child (and first boy) was born. Everything went smoothly, Sarah was in labor for 7 hours and only pushed for 5 minutes. Both Sarah and Michael are doing fine.

Our girls are very excited to have a new baby brother. When Sarah went into the hospital they started telling everyone (including strangers, anyone within hearing range) that they were going have a new baby Michael today. Not everyone knew what they were talking about, but that’s okay. Later they came to the hospital to visit and hold Michael for the first time.

It really is amazing how tiny we are when we start this life. And how quickly we grow and develop new skills. For now we are just going to enjoy having a tiny baby that is healthy and strong.

Welcome to our family Michael, everyone is excited to meet you. We love you and look forward to teaching you about this amazing world that we live in.

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so excited for a Scott Family boy…and he has dark hair like i did…yay! gonna need a haircut in a month though 🙂 can’t wait to see more pictures!!!!

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