WordPress Plugin Update: LibXML2 Fix

A small update to the LibXML2 Fix WordPress plugin is now available, version 0.2.3.

The only change was the addition of 2.6.27 to the list of libxml versions that the plugin looks for. I’ve had a few reports that this version also has problems with stripping brackets.

For those that haven’t been following this problem here’s the short version of the story. Some combinations of libxml and PHP don’t play nice with each other, the result being that brackets get stripped out of XML content. This is a particular problem for XML-RPC requests in WordPress. This plugin injects a small hack into the XML-RPC data before it gets processed in an attempt to preserve the brackets.

2 replies on “WordPress Plugin Update: LibXML2 Fix”

Hi Joseph

Thanks for the fix. FYI according to, I am running running php 5.2.11 and libxml 2.7.3, so I changed the plugin to add those versions, and still no joy.

So now, a brute force approach was used – remove the “if” statement 🙂

Workinh now.

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