Learning By Reviewing

Joining the Reviewers Team is simple, just a matter of getting your environment setup (4-6 minutes) and grabbing a theme for review. The most interesting and valuable part is not that you’re helping out the community, but that you’re learning yourself. I personally reviewed a little less than 20 themes (and still counting) but I learned so much about them and the best practices of developing them, the Settings API, coding standards, and damn I learned two functions i had no clue about (checked() and selected()) — hope that doesn’t make me a rookie 😉

Konstantin Kovshenin from Introducing Minimal Georgia for WordPress, emphasis mine.

The WordPress.org Themes are reviewed by community members. As Konstantin points out, not only does this help the community as a whole, he also learned something new as part of the process.

One thought on “Learning By Reviewing”

  1. I’m pretty sure that every single one of us on the Theme Review Team would echo Konstantin’s sentiment. I have become a considerably better Theme developer as a direct result of my involvement with Theme Review. Beforehand, I didn’t even know what I yet needed to learn – and I continue to learn more new things every day, and with every Theme I review.

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