PuSHPress 0.1.7

Version 0.1.7 of the PuSHPress WordPress plugin is now live. This includes fixes to various edge cases that have come up over time. Details are available in the changelog.

Thank you to John Godley, Andrew Nacin, Hugo Hallqvist (couldn’t find a link for him), and Mike Adams for reporting issues and submitting patches.

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I have just went torugh the plugin page. The plugin details still show these…

Requires WordPress Version: 2.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.2
Last Updated: 2010-3-17 Downloads: 25,526

Is there any reason behind it?

Apologies for not making myself clear

I would like to know why the details of plugin version compatibility and update details are not yet updated. Is not the plugin compatible to WordPress 3.0.3?

Thank you!

As you listed in your original comment the plugin has been tested and is compatible up through WordPress version 3.2. So there is no problem using it with version 3.0.3 (though I recommend upgrading your WordPress install).

Hi Joseph,
Is there any other steps involved other than the 3 step install process for pushpress? Download, install and activate.. Are there any ports to be opened? Any minor changes to be made on some files? I have set this up for our blog and haven’t got it to work yet.. :-I

Thank you for your reply. This is my site and my feed has tag but I don’t see real-time updates on Google Reader. I was wondering (even though there aren’t any additional steps mentioned anywhere), if I needed to do something extra to make your plugin work on my site.

Thanks Joseph. Really appreciate your replies. Your plugin does work on Reader now. 🙂 Thank you again.

Hello Joseph!

First off, great work! nice to see a complete php implementation of PuSH!

I am curious though, what would it take to make it non-reliant on WordPress?
I am currently working on an fail2ban sync tool and would like to implement this without the additional weight of wordpress.

thank you for your time 🙂

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