Last year I mentioned that Tesla can’t sell cars from their store in Utah. This year takes that story and turns it up a notch, enter Vanderhall Motor Works.

Vanderhall is a building a custom three-wheel motorcyle. But they aren’t allowed to sell directly in Utah, despite the company being in Provo, because of the same dealership laws that snagged Tesla. They warn visitors from Utah about this on their site:


It says:

Utah Residents Notice:
Under Utah law, you are not allowed to view, visit or contact Vanderhall for sales information. Move to another state, then contact us.

And if you want to see how things can get even weirder, go read about how their exhibit at the Utah International Auto Expo got walled off.

While I don’t see myself ever buying one of these, I think it is past time that we allow manufactures who want to sell directly to consumers to do so.