Utah Gas Tax

In 2015 Utah increased the gas tax:


This makes the 2016 Utah gas tax $0.294, combined with the Federal tax of $0.184, a total of $0.478 in tax per gallon of gas.

With the price of gas dropping it makes the tax a larger percentage. With in a few miles of my house there is a station that has gas for $1.61 per gallon ( that doesn’t even count Costco, which is $1.55 ! ). A little math, $0.294 / $1.61, makes the Utah tax by itself 18.2%. When you add in the Federal tax the portion of the price that is taxes, the percentage goes up to 29.6%.

Something I haven’t thought about before, how much do I spend a year on gas taxes? I’m collecting enough data that I’ll be able to answer that question this year.

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