Links: September 2018

MS-DOS v1.25 and v2.0 – MIT licensed!

Making of Underrun – An entry in js13kGames. I’m impressed.

boomerang – Helpful client side JavaScript library for performance metrics. It has moved around several times, so I’m making a note here of where it lives now.

How to write X in both Python 3 and JavaScript (ES2015) – I like these language comparison lists of “how to do X in Y and Z”. If you are familiar Y, it helps you quickly get a feel for Z.

Project Python – An interactive option for learning Python.

Java’s new Z Garbage Collector (ZGC) is very exciting – I still hear about people running into problems with “Stop The World” collection events. The new ZGC sounds promising.

aspider – Async URL crawling in Python.

Tests for CDNs and Reverse Proxies – Looking into the way various CDNs behave in regards to HTTP caching.

Chrome’s NOSCRIPT Intervention – Tim Kadlec tries visiting sites with NOSCRIPT enabled. Those JavaScript bytes are expensive.

Vitess – A MySQL horizontal scaling system.

Typical Performance Review – Joseph Wynn writes about how he dug into the performance of

A tour of JavaScript timers on the web – Timers in browser side JavaScript can be tricky beasts ( via ).

Chrome for Android may start disabling JavaScript on 2G connections – JavaScript bytes are expensive, so this will definitely make pages load faster. If this change happens, it may prompt a new push to make sure pages have at least some functionality when JavaScript is disabled.

40 million tables in MySQL 8.0 with ZFS – “Just to create them, I needed at least 5Tb of fast disk storage.” The answer for this test was compression.

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