Links: February 2019

PHP RFC: Saner string to number comparisons – I like this idea, it improves the current situation without completely breaking backwards compatibility.

MySQL Challenge: 100,000 Connections – Not as crazy as it might sound.

All of GitHub’s menus & dialogs work without JavaScript – This is impressive and something to be commended.

OpenSignal, The State of Wifi vs Mobile Network Experience as 5G Arrives – The killer line, from page 4: “In 33 countries, or 41% of those analyzed by OpenSignal, mobile delivers a faster download experience than Wifi”. A whole new angle on “don’t trust the network”, this time in terms of performance.

CDN Standards – This is the first time I’d heard mention of the CDN-Loop HTTP header.

HTTP State Tokens – I need more time to think over these exact ideas, but I really like that these types of discussions are happening.

simdjson – “Parsing gigabytes of JSON per second”, nice to see people working to make a common task faster.

JSON Test Suite – Parsing fast is one thing, parsing it correctly is sometimes another.

Firefox third-party blocking – “By summer 2019, the Firefox browser will also block, by default, all cross-site third-party trackers, strengthening privacy without your having to do a thing”. This sounds a lot like Safari ITP.

JSON Viewer – Browse through a JSON data structure. Very handy getting your head around large JSON blobs.

Script scheduling in Chrome – This changes from time to time, so it is always worth measuring instead of relying just on rules.

don’t get clever with login forms – Yes, please, keep your login form simple. Breaking password managers is really frustrating.

Marp – “Markdown Presentation Writer”, looks like they are planning to break this into chunks. That includes a CLI for converting Markdown into HTML/PDF.

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