Chrome logpoints – Use console.log() without having to add console.log(). – The cold start issue can be a real problem.

Malcolm, Monster-In-The-Middle – HTTPS interception statistics.

Choose Boring Technology – You could also describe this as “choose proven, well understood, battle tested technology”. – Claims “end-to-end” encryption, which I don’t think is entirely accurate. Still, handy if you need to share large files. – How different browsers do caching. An area where the only consistency is inconsistency.

Battery Status APInavigator.getBattery().

How Google Search indexes JavaScript sites – “JavaScript is expensive”, especially if you are trying to render trillions of pages.

Cache Control for Civilians – A good general reference regarding cache control on the web. I don’t think the query string information is accurate, but that doesn’t take away from how helpful the rest of it is.