Chrome Initiators and Dependencies – Hold the shift key and hover over requests in the network panel, it will show you what initiated it and what requests it triggered.

Basic RUM, Backoffice – Open source RUM perf server.

ITP 2.2 – The latest on ITP in Safari, with language like “We are obliged to prevent cross-site tracking for Safari users”.

Form Input Validation Using Only HTML5 and Regex – First, never only rely on client side validation. Second, the pattern attribute is really neat.

Tips on industrial strength WiFi for normal people – Next time I redo my home wifi network I’ll take a serious look at Ubiquiti.

Nginx more popular than Apache – Wasn’t sure this would actually happen. Will the trend continue?

console.trace() – Because sometimes console.log() isn’t enough.

Using WebPageTest: Authentication – A couple of methods for testing logged in pages in WebPageTest. I do these types of tests on our private WebPageTest instance all the time.

Chinook Database – “Sample database for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, DB2”. Came across this while reading up on SQLite.

Ripcord – Non-browser based Slack client. The big & slow Slack client on Mac OS I restart every day has performance at the top of my list of worst features.

Side Effects of Boomerang’s JavaScript Error Tracking – Mix and matching third party code makes this situation harder.

Code caching for JavaScript developers – Code that changes isn’t cached. Sometimes you have to say it out loud to drive the issue home.

Native Lazy Loading Images – Chrome is going to ship a native option for lazy loading images. I think this is a good idea.