Windows and MacOS: Living In An Alternate Timeline

Somewhere there is a person with a DeLorean time machine trying to figure out how to repair the damage they’ve done to the time line.

How else do you explain that in the same week we have Apple announcing scripting languages ( like Python ) will be removed from future MacOS releases and Microsoft announcing new Windows installs will have a one click option to install Python.

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For macOS that just means you can install the newest version of Python, Ruby, etc using Homebrew or MacPorts. And it’s also great for windows as it makes it easier to install there as well.

The better option would be to have MacOS ship with modern versions. This whole move gives me a bad feeling on where the the Unix part of MacOS is going.

As a Mac sys admin I can say in 25 years I now hate Apple all the jokes at me for being Apple engineer well thank you Apple for your greed and destroying a promising OS in your quest to control all, you have made me a Linux engineer and proud of it


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