Extreme Makeover Home Edition

There aren’t too many regular shows on TV that I’d call good. Not good in the sense of quality of television, but good in a moral sense, the idea that the actions and messages on the show are good. Tonight I watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition where the folks from the ABC show came in and built new house for a family who had lost their home in a fire and were living in a (very) large storage shed. They took down what was left of the burned out house and built a huge new home for the family. I’ve watched this show several times and this was one of the larger homes that I’ve seen them build.

I was talking with a few people about this show at work and we all pretty much agreed that it didn’t matter how many of the TV moments in the show was staged more for the camera that what was actually happening, this show seems to be doing a good thing. I don’t even care if it actually takes them a month instead of the seven days portrayed on the show, helping out people who are in such desperate need is nice to see. I suppose this show falls under the “Reality Television” push, but at least this one isn’t about who is sleeping with who or how deceitful everyone can be.

This show makes me feel good, and yes sometimes I get a little teary eyed, and there just aren’t enough shows on TV that can evoke that kind of response from me.