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WordPress Spam, PhotoMatt Responds

Yesterday Matt wrote about discovering the backlash to the articles that were posted on Today Matt responded to the noise about this issue. If you’ve been following this at all you need to go read his response.

After reading through his response I’m left with overall feeling that Matt meant well but is rather naive. It is entirely possible that this is an aspect of his age or experience and not his intelligence. It really is rather amazing though that someone who spent so much time and energy into supporting rel=”nofollow” could imagine that putting up all these articles would be acceptable. And the whole cloaked links thing, ug, at least he came out and said that was a bad thing.

I’m left feeling disappointed. Will I stop using WP because of it? No. Will I be a lot more skeptical of Matt’s ideas in the future, probably. Trust, it is not easy to gain and real pain when it is gone.