Bloglines Account Dead?

I’ve been pretty happy with Bloglines since I started using it about two and half weeks ago. Until tonight. I’m no longer able to login. I tried the ‘forgot my password’ page, but it told me that I had entered an invalid email address. So I sent a note to them using their contact page. Hopefully they will get this resolved soon.

Update (10:36pm): Looks like Bloglines just took their site down with a simple message indicating that they’ll be back up ‘in a couple minutes’. /me crosses my fingers hoping for the best.

Update (11:53pm): Still no Bloglines.

Update (8:30am 31 May 2004): Bloglines came back up at some point eary this morning. I’ll have to export my subscription list from time to time just in case they go toes up.

Update (6:12pm 31 May 2004): I received a response from Bloglines around 1pm today. Looks like a hardware failure was the source of their problems:


We had a hardware failure this evening with one of the database machines. No data was lost, and we have backup servers for just this occasion, but the site was down for a couple of hours. The system is back up now, and we apologize for the downtime.

Thanks, Mark