Feedly Numbers

In October reported on their current numbers:

60,000 users have subscribed to feedly Pro.

The feedly cloud is connected to 42,000,000 feeds of information, receiving about 50,000,000 new stories every day.

In 2013, when Feedly Pro was announced, they reported selling 5,000 lifetime accounts ( at $99 each ). Ball park math would put their yearly revenue at nearly $2.5M ( 55,000 x $45/year ).

A little more digging around shows they are currently a “team of 10 people serving 8M+ users” and are profitable. Nice that they can sustain things with only 0.6875% ( 55,000 paid / 8,000,000 total, lifetime accounts don’t really count ) of users converting to a paid account. To put it another way, 7,940,000 of their 8,000,000 users ( 99.25% ) have never paid to use Feedly.

I eventually settled on Feedly after the sinking of Google Reader, I’m happy to see that they are doing well.