Google Fiber to the South, Google Fiber to the North

This week Google Fiber announced they are coming to Salt Lake City. It looks like this is going to be a new fiber network, built from scratch. That is significantly different from the Google Fiber in Provo, which was done by purchasing an existing network.

Unfortunately there is no fiber run to my house, and as far as I know there are no plans for it in the future. There are really only two options: CenturyLink and Comcast. For my location CenturyLink offers a maximum speed of 12Mbps down, which is usable, but not great. Under the new FCC guidelines that isn’t even considered broadband.

Comcast does provide 50 – 100Mbps down connections. Unfortunately that means there is effectively only one broadband connection option.

At this point with Google Fiber already in Provo, and Google Fiber going into Salt Lake City, they may as well build out the area between the two 🙂