iOS Messages Feature Request

The email inbox is something of a make shift to-do list. It is an easy way to process items in one of three ways:

– DONE: Reply and archive
– DONE: Immediate archive or delete
– TODO: Leave it in the inbox for later follow up

Now we have text messages that are coming in with the same sort of management needs. Because of that, I’d like to see this feature in iOS:

The ability to select an individual message in iOS messages and mark it as “unread”.

Bonus feature on top of that would be a “remind me later” option where I would get a notification after a selectable number minutes/hours/days later.

Bonus bonus feature would be the ability to do sharing and actions on an individual message. Then I could easy push that message that I need to do something about later to Todoist or other todo list apps.

The first two would be enough to dramatically improve dealing with text messages, but that third one is the real winner.