Apple As A Storage Vendor

Om comments on Apple’s storage sales of the Xserve RAID unit. Although sales of the unit seem to be do well, especially considering that this was a market that Apple has zero presence in only a few years ago, many analysts are frowning on Apple for not doing enough to promote these.

We’ve got a couple of Xserve RAID units at work (one with an Xserve G5, the other plugged in to two Dell 2850s) and I’m definitely a fan. Right now you can order up an Xserve RAID with all of the options for under $18,000. This is simply amazing for 7TB in a RAID box. Sure you could go buy 14 500GB drives from NewEgg for less than $5,000, but what would you put them 🙂

I think Apple is still trying to figure out how to market their server and storage products. I guess the folks like me who see these things and start to drool aren’t as common as the folks itching to buy the consumer level product. More than once I’ve gone into an Apple store and told them they need to be showing off their server and storage products, not just the home systems. My requests obviously haven’t had any impact.