Going With The Old Reader

I’ve tried a few different feed reader options in the run up to the close of Google Reader. I really wanted to like Feedly, but there were two main issues. The one that I noticed first is that it didn’t work well for my reading style. The second issue that came up became a deal breaker, there was no way to export my list of subscriptions.

Eventually I landed at The Old Reader. Their UI better fit my reading style and I can export my feed list as an OPML file.

The Old Reader isn’t perfect. There are some UI elements that are a bit clunky. But over all my reading experience in The Old Reader was better than Feedly.

I may try other alternatives again as things continue to improve and settle in the reader market (post Google Reader).

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I had a look at The Old Reader, but decided on Feedly instead. I’m slowly adapting to the slightly different reading style, but it’s not that much of a change; they provide a title-only view very similar to Google Reader. The lack of an export option is a worry however, but I think I heard that they’ll be adding this in soon.

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