– In a world where you have to run everything encrypted over port 443, this can be useful. – RFCs, love them or hate them, you can’t avoid them. – Worth a quick read just for the “How It Works” section. – A little contentEditable and display: block can go a long way towards inline editing. – Brotli can significantly reduce the bytes you send over the wire. – Good discussion on some of the challenges that QUIC can run into in the wild. – Assembly Language for Beginners, 1000 pages. – It could have been much worse. – Being able to copy and paste the text from the SVGs is really nice. – Page weight still matters, but it isn’t the only perf metric to pay attention to. – Run code snippets in 37 different programming languages. – CSS linter. – Cognitive reappraisal, or thinking about your thoughts. – Touches on Navigation Timing, Resource Timing, DNS, several DOM events, navigator.sendBeacon, and more. A good quick dive through getting basic RUM data. – Claims to be “consistent, distributed and horizontally scalable”. Re-using the MySQL connection protocol is convenient. SQLite on top of LMDB. There are a lot of interesting pieces under the hood.