Links: December 2018

CTF List – A really good CTF is a work of art unto itself.

memfetch – Cache wrapper for fetch. While I’m not keen on caching POST requests, I think this is otherwise a neat option.

Node.js Fundamentals: Web Server Without Dependencies – You can do a fair bit without pulling in an entire framework.

Route specific configuration in Slim PHP – Authentication requirements are the main example that comes up for this.

Remove Image Background – It looks at photos of people and removes the background, automatically.

Bent – Another Node.JS HTTP client, from the original author of request.

Page Weight Matters – lesson from YouTube about how your RUM performance metrics might not be telling you what you think they are telling you.

Live PHP REPL – From, which makes it possible to test PHP snippets with a large number of PHP versions.

HTTP/2 Prioritization – This is an area that is only just started to be explored, and it can have a significant impact on how a page is rendered.

Vitess – MySQL scaling solution, from YouTube.

DNS-over-HTTPS on OS X – Just three instructions, if you have brew handy.

Alpaca Markets – API first market trading.

Laws of UX – A beautiful list of example design principles.

CSS and Network Performance – Treat resources required for rendering a page with care.

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