Snow Blower

Living in Utah, winters come with snow. I’d go outside, shovel off the drive way and side walks, then go help a few neighbors do the same. Unfortunately shoveling is a really slow way to move snow. So a few years ago I gave in and purchased a snow blower, specifically an Ariens Deluxe 28″ SHO.


There are only a few purchases I’ve ever made that I can say have been just been outright fun to have. It is my favorite toy.

I went with an Ariens after reading several reviews and talking with friends in the neighborhood with snow blowers. One had moved to Utah from Wisconsin and brought his Ariens snow blower with him ( having had it for many years ), and that took me from considering an Ariens to buying one.

The 28″ was the largest I could fit through my side garage door. If I could have fit a 30″ through there I would have opted for that one.

Having used this for a few years now, I can safely say I’d do it all over again in a heart beat.

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