New Safari ITP Debug Mode For MacOS 10.14 Mojave Too

In a write up about the Safari ITP ( Intelligent Tracking Prevention ) 2.3 update, there is section that talks about changes to “ITP Debug Mode In Safari on macOS Catalina” ( Catalina is 10.15, if you, like me, can never remember which code name goes with which version ). I am still using MacOS ( writing it like macOS just looks wrong ) 10.14 Mojave, so I hadn’t worried about the details of those changes.

Well, turns out those debug changes are not limited to MacOS 10.15. I was running tests to duplicate a Safari ITP related issue and kept getting zero debug output. After tweaking my tests every way I could think of and still getting no debug output, I finally went back and re-read the original Safari ITP Debug Mode documentation, to make sure I hadn’t missed something.

Still nothing.

After more frustration I finally landed on the ITP 2.3 update post and decided to try to the “ITP Debug Mode In Safari on macOS Catalina” on my MacOS 10.14 ( Mojava ) laptop. *POOF* – debug starting producing output again.

I don’t know why they indicate that this is specific to MacOS 10.15 ( Catalina ), because it isn’t. Here are the versions I’m running, using the new debug mode details:

– MacOS 10.14.6
– Safari 13.0.3
– Safari Technology Preview 95

For easy reference, the new command to see the ITP debug log is:

log stream -info | grep ITPDebug

Go read the ITP 2.3 post for more details, other debug settings have changed too.

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